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Swish Dental, operating in the vibrant city of Austin, TX, embarked on implementing the Faliam platform across their 15 locations. This initiative aimed to harmonize their unique internal workflows with the advanced capabilities of the Faliam technology, ensuring adherence to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while embracing technological advancement.


  • Integrate Swish Dental's unique workflows with the Faliam platform.

  • Maintain existing SOPs while enhancing team adoption of the new system.

  • Improve the quality of products and services through continuous feedback and adjustments.

  • Collaborate closely with Swish Dental to support their expansion and growth plans.

  • Leverage exclusive supplier discounts and promotions available through the platform.


The Faliam platform was tailored to align with Swish Dental's specific operational methodologies. This involved a careful balancing act of preserving their unique SOPs while introducing new technological solutions. Regular monthly feedback calls were established to ensure the platform was meeting the team's needs.

Key achievements

  • Customized Workflow Integration: Successfully integrated Swish Dental’s unique operational workflows with the Faliam platform.

  • Improved Product Quality: Enhanced the quality of products and services, resulting in greater team satisfaction, as evidenced in monthly feedback sessions.

  • New Feature Implementation: Collaborated with Swish Dental to understand their annual goals and developed new functionalities to support their growth and expansion.

  • Exclusive Supplier Discounts: Highlighted and utilized unique promotions and discounts from suppliers available through the Faliam platform, adding value to Swish Dental’s procurement process.


Swish Dental experienced a seamless integration of technology with their established practices. The new features and continuous improvements in product quality have not only fostered better team satisfaction but also positioned Swish Dental for successful expansion. The access to exclusive supplier discounts through Faliam has further enhanced their operational efficiency.

Client feedback

"Swish Dental has found a true partner in the Faliam platform. Their ability to adapt the technology to our specific needs and continuously evolve based on our feedback has been instrumental in our growth. We're particularly impressed with the exclusive discounts and features that are tailored to support our unique business model."


The successful implementation of the Faliam platform at Swish Dental showcases the transformative power of customized digital solutions in the healthcare industry. By closely aligning technology with specific business needs and SOPs, Swish Dental has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also reinforced its commitment to quality and growth. The partnership with Faliam demonstrates the importance of adaptable technology solutions in supporting the unique objectives and expansion strategies of healthcare organizations. Swish Dental's experience highlights the critical role of responsive and tailored technological integration in achieving long-term success and satisfaction in the dynamic world of dental healthcare services.




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Simple solutions with smart savings

Easy to use technology to simplify your operations and help you save money.