Jet Dental

Jet Dental, a healthcare provider in the dental sector, embarked on the implementation of the Faliam platform across their 17 locations. This initiative aimed to enhance their procurement processes, streamline ordering, and improve financial oversight.


  • Streamline procurement across multiple locations.

  • Reduce the frequency of orders while maintaining efficiency.

  • Centralize ordering processes into a single system.

  • Enhance fiscal oversight and budget forecasting.


The Faliam platform was seamlessly integrated into Jet Dental’s operations. The onboarding process for 15 users was efficiently completed in just 10 days, setting a new standard for rapid technology adoption in the healthcare sector.

Key achievements

  • Onboarding Efficiency: Successfully completed the onboarding process within 10 days.

  • Improved Efficiency: Transitioned from 3-4 orders a month to just a single order, significantly cutting down on administrative tasks.

  • Centralized Ordering: Aggregated procurement processes in one place, thereby reducing ordering time.

  • Enhanced Fiscal Oversight: Gained valuable insights into spending across all offices, leading to more accurate forecasting for the fiscal year.


Jet Dental experienced a dramatic improvement in procurement efficiency and financial oversight. The centralized ordering system reduced the time and complexity of their monthly ordering process. Enhanced fiscal oversight allowed for better prediction and management of annual budgets.

Client feedback

"Implementing the Faliam platform has been a game-changer for Jet Dental. The efficiency gains and financial insights we've obtained have exceeded our expectations. We're now better equipped to manage our resources and plan for the future."


Jet Dental's adoption of the Faliam platform showcases the transformative power of digital solutions in the healthcare industry. Through this implementation, Jet Dental has not only streamlined its procurement process but also achieved a new level of financial control and operational efficiency.




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Simple solutions with smart savings

Easy to use technology to simplify your operations and help you save money.