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Familia Dental, a significant player in the dental healthcare sector, initiated the implementation of the Faliam platform across their 43 locations. The project aimed to improve accounting accuracy, enhance reporting capabilities, and streamline communication across different departments.


  • Train and onboard a large number of users across multiple offices.

  • Develop a system to categorize operations into General, Ortho, and Mobile for accurate budget allocation.

  • Create advanced reporting tools for better tracking of key performance indicators.

  • Increase user engagement through an improved platform interface.

  • Achieve cost savings by optimizing operational processes.


The implementation of the Faliam platform at Familia Dental involved the training and onboarding of 121 users across 43 offices. The process was strategically designed to segregate the organization's operations into General, Orthodontics, and Mobile units for streamlined and accurate budgeting.

Key achievements

  • Efficient Training and Onboarding: Successfully trained and onboarded 121 users in 43 offices.

  • Operational Segmentation: Effectively separated the organization into General, Ortho, and Mobile units for precise accounting and budget management.

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Developed comprehensive reporting tools to track key performance indicators more effectively.

  • Increased User Engagement: Significantly improved user engagement through enhanced interface design.

  • Cost Savings: Implemented strategies that led to a measurable reduction in operational costs.

  • Streamlined Communication: Established efficient communication channels between departments, enhancing overall workflow and collaboration.


Familia Dental experienced a transformation in their operational approach, with improved budget accuracy, reporting capabilities, and user engagement. These changes led to significant cost savings and enhanced interdepartmental communication, contributing to a more efficient and effective organization.

Client feedback

"The implementation of the Faliam platform has revolutionized the way we operate at Familia Dental. The level of detail and efficiency we can now achieve in our budgeting and accounting processes is remarkable. The platform has not only saved us costs but also fostered a more engaged and collaborative working environment."


Familia Dental's implementation of the Faliam platform represents a significant stride in digital transformation within the healthcare industry. By focusing on operational efficiency, user engagement, and financial management, Familia Dental has not only streamlined its internal processes but also set a benchmark for technology adoption in dental healthcare services. The success of this project demonstrates the impactful role of technology in optimizing and advancing organizational operations and strategies.




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Simple solutions with smart savings

Easy to use technology to simplify your operations and help you save money.