EviDent Alliance

EviDent Alliance, a prominent dental service provider with 25 locations in Redmond, WA, initiated the implementation of the Faliam platform. The project was driven by the need to refine their accounting workflows and maintain separate billing for doctors working in the same office, alongside enhancing product quality and accessing exclusive supplier discounts.


  • Customize accounting workflows to accommodate separate billing for doctors.

  • Enhance the overall quality of products and services.

  • Continuously adapt the platform based on monthly feedback to meet evolving needs.

  • Develop new features to support EviDent Alliance's expansion and growth.

  • Leverage exclusive supplier discounts and promotions offered through the platform.


The Faliam platform was tailored to meet the unique needs of EviDent Alliance. This included the development of specialized accounting workflows to ensure accurate billing and payout for each doctor. Regular feedback sessions were scheduled to continually refine the platform's performance and product quality.

Key achievements

  • Unique Accounting Workflows: Successfully implemented unique accounting workflows, enabling separate and accurate billing for doctors.

  • Improved Product Quality: Enhanced the quality of products, leading to increased team satisfaction as confirmed through monthly feedback.

  • New Feature Implementation: Collaborated with EviDent's team to understand their annual goals, leading to the development of functionalities that support their growth strategy.

  • Exclusive Supplier Discounts: Showcased and utilized unique supplier promotions and discounts, ensuring EviDent Alliance benefits from the best offers available.


EviDent Alliance experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency and team satisfaction. The customized accounting solutions and new feature implementations have positioned the organization for successful expansion. Additionally, the access to exclusive supplier discounts has enhanced their procurement strategy.

Client feedback

"EviDent Alliance's partnership with the Faliam platform has been transformative. The platform's ability to adapt to our specific billing requirements and continuously improve based on our feedback has been crucial for our growth. The exclusive discounts and promotions have also added tremendous value to our operations."


EviDent Alliance's implementation of the Faliam platform demonstrates the impact of tailored digital solutions in the healthcare industry. By focusing on specific operational needs, such as bespoke accounting workflows and continuous product enhancement, EviDent Alliance has not only streamlined its financial processes but also enhanced its overall operational effectiveness. This case study highlights the importance of adaptable technology solutions in supporting the unique objectives and growth strategies of healthcare organizations, ensuring they remain competitive and efficient in a dynamic industry. The success of EviDent Alliance with the Faliam platform is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in achieving operational excellence and customer satisfaction.




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