Dental Depot

Dental Depot, a prominent DSO with 39 locations, sought to streamline their procurement process and improve efficiency. They chose the Faliam platform for its robust capabilities in centralized procurement and budget management.


  • Integrate 27 different suppliers under one system.

  • Enhance 24/7 support for the team.

  • Consolidate monthly ordering processes.

  • Develop a centralized procurement system.

  • Improve budget management and forecasting.


The Faliam platform was implemented in Dental Depot's 39 locations. This process involved aggregating 27 unique suppliers, each with customized pricing, into a singular, easily accessible system. The transition was completed in a remarkable timeframe of just 2 weeks.

Key achievements

  • Aggregated Suppliers: Successfully integrated 27 different suppliers, providing Dental Depot with negotiated pricing, all accessible in one centralized location.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: Established a 24/7 support system to assist the team promptly.

  • Efficiency Enhancement: Shifted from multiple monthly orders to a single, strategic ordering process, significantly reducing shipping costs.

  • Centralized Procurement System: Simplified the ordering process, which decreased the administrative burden.

  • Improved Budget Management: Enhanced visibility into spending trends, leading to more accurate budget forecasts for the upcoming year.


Dental Depot experienced a substantial reduction in ordering time and administrative workload. The centralized procurement system not only saved costs but also provided a clearer insight into the company’s spending patterns. This has enabled Dental Depot to make more informed decisions and predict their budgetary needs with greater accuracy.

Client feedback

"Dental Depot is thrilled with the results brought by the Faliam platform. The efficiency and ease it has brought to our procurement process are beyond our expectations. The support team’s responsiveness has also been exemplary, making this transition seamless and successful."


The successful implementation of the Faliam platform at Dental Depot exemplifies the power of digital transformation in the healthcare supply industry. By leveraging technology, Dental Depot has streamlined its procurement processes, enhanced budget management, and set a new standard for operational efficiency in its sector.




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Simple solutions with smart savings

Easy to use technology to simplify your operations and help you save money.