4M Dental Implant Center

4M Dental Implant Center, located in Newport Beach, CA, embarked on the integration of the Faliam platform across their 7 locations. The project aimed to optimize the ordering process for dental assistants, ensure access to supplier discounts, and provide reliable customer support, especially when their staff is working late.


  • Reduce the time dental assistants spend on ordering supplies.

  • Maintain easy access to formulary items in a centralized system.

  • Maximize chairside time for Licensed Dental Assistants (LDAs) and Dental Assistants (DAs).

  • Ensure continued access to discounts and promotions from suppliers like Straumann and Neodent.

  • Provide 24/7 customer support for immediate assistance, catering to the outsourced team's off hours.


The Faliam platform was implemented with a focus on streamlining the ordering process for dental assistants. This involved centralizing all necessary formulary items and ensuring easy access to them, alongside integrating supplier discounts and promotions into the platform.

Key achievements

  • Efficient Ordering Process: Reduced the ordering time for assistants by 4 hours per week, centralizing all formulary items and making them easily accessible.

  • Increased Chairside Assistance: Enabled LDAs and DAs to spend more time chairside, enhancing patient care and reducing administrative duties.

  • Access to Pricing and Supplier Discounts: Successfully integrated discounts and promotions from suppliers like Straumann and Neodent, ensuring 4M Dental has access to vital savings.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Provided round-the-clock customer service, accommodating the needs of their outsourced team in the Philippines in a timely manner.


4M Dental Implant Center experienced significant time savings in the ordering process, allowing their dental assistants to focus more on patient care. The integration of supplier discounts and promotions into the Faliam platform ensured continuous access to essential savings, enhancing their procurement strategy. The provision of 24/7 customer support particularly benefited their outsourced team, ensuring smooth operations across different time zones.

Client feedback

"We are thrilled with the efficiencies gained from the Faliam platform. Our assistants now spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients, which is invaluable to our practice. The ability to access discounts and promotions seamlessly has also been a major benefit. The 24/7 customer support has been essential for our team in the Philippines, ensuring we receive assistance whenever needed."


The successful implementation of the Faliam platform at 4M Dental Implant Center is a testament to the transformative impact of digital solutions in healthcare. By optimizing the ordering process and ensuring access to supplier discounts, 4M Dental has not only streamlined its operations but also enhanced the quality of patient care. The case of 4M Dental Implant Center highlights the importance of technology in improving operational efficiency and supporting diverse team needs across different geographical locations.




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Simple solutions with smart savings

Easy to use technology to simplify your operations and help you save money.