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Grow your business in as little as 2 minutes Faliam

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Faliam has a built-in infrastructure so you can grow your business with ease

Offer buyers net terms on us!

Give your buyers the cash they'll thank you for. Yes, on us!

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Your brand is everything, that's why you can create your own storefront in a few easy steps

Never worry about missed payments

We pay you upfront so you never have to go chase down another payment

Sell nationally without the headache

Plug-in and immediately become a national seller

Built to support all types of sellers

Whether you're a manufacturer selling directly to your customers, a distributor with 50,000+ SKUs, and everything in between we're built to help you succeed







Private Labelers

Private Labelers

3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

We took the complexity out, so our partnership can immediately start

Step 1.

Contact Us

Let us know about your goals and vision for our partnership

Step 2.

We'll onboard your products automatically

We'll standardize images, categories, description and make sure your products look ready to go live

Step 3.

We'll start sending orders to your system

There are numerous ways we can do this

See the analytics important to your business

With custom analytics you can monitor the analytics that are most important for your business

Time saved

Early Payments

Increase In Brand Trust

Frequently asked questions

What is a marketplace?

Think of your own website like a stand-alone store. Think of a marketplace like a shopping mall. Almost every product on earth can now be found on the manufacturer's own website and in a marketplace. Buyers and Sellers love the convenience of a shopping mall.

Why Join the Faliam marketplace?

In the B2C world, marketplaces (like Amazon) have changed the way we research and buy. Over 50% of all online sales happen in marketplaces. This same trend is now coming to B2B. Soon, this is how your customers will demand to work with you.

Why do I need Faliam when I have a website?

In today's world, having a website is not enough. Even if you invest heavily in your site, it's impossible to funnel all the potential customers on the web to your site. Do famous brands like Nike only sell their products on their own website? Of course not.

How is Faliam different than other marketplaces?

We built Faliam to fit the needs of our industry. We understand how important your brand is. We get that you have a value proposition. We recognize that you don't want to be commoditized. We want you to interact directly with customers.

How do my customers find our storefront?

By searching on Google for any of your brands, products, SKUs, etc. Or they can create an account on Faliam and find your store there too.


See what sellers have to say

How these brands became a national player

All without us having to lift a finger!

Traditionally our customers are DSOs and buying groups, but since selling on Faliam we have seen a massive increase in the demographic of our customers. Now our customers make up individual private practices all the up to large buying groups we previously didn't have access to... All without us having to lift a finger!


Moriah Fluntez

Sales Manager

We have been able to increase our national footprint

We are an East Coast-based company and are in the process of expanding out west, however, we don't have any facilities or physical footprint there yet. However, though selling on Faliam we have been able to increase our national footprint and have increased our brand awareness on the West Coast by 10 fold!


Tyler Simmons

Business Development

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