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SaniVac Evacuation System Cleaner 1 Gal

SaniVac Evacuation System Cleaner 1 Gal

Faliam ID: 25996

  • Product Information

Product Information

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    SaniVac Evacuation System Cleaner is a powerful enzymatic cleaner for continuous, high-performance suction. Its' unique, concentrated, low foaming formula includes multiple proteolytic enzymes that efficiently remove a wider range of dental debris than surfactants alone. These enzymes specifically break down proteinaceous materials (saliva, mucous, and blood) that build up and block your suction lines. Routine use neutralizes odors in the evacuation system and will help prevent downtime by ensuring your suction lines and solids traps remain unclogged for optimal suction.

    Features and Benefits

    Superior cleaningPhosphate-freeFresh scentIdeal for use in both wet and dry vacuum systems
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    1 Each (1 Pieces)

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    Evacuation System Cleaners