Infection Control Sterilization Pouches

Premium Sterilization Pouch - 7.25 x 13

Premium Sterilization Pouch - 7.25 x 13

Faliam ID: 25419

  • Product Information

Product Information

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    Our sterilization pouches are closely chosen and designed by dentists to give their patients the safest experience, possible.

    Quick Details

    Multi-paramater indicatorInternal / External Chemical Indicators For Steam and Et0Tight seal to ensure sterilization post-processEasy yet secure triple peel

    How to Use

      Load the pouchPeel the tapeSeal the pouch

    Boring but Important

    All Sterilization Pouches meet the CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities.Store all pouches in a cool, dry placeIf properly sealed and stored in an appropriate location, the sterilization pouch will remain sterile for 3 years.Do not reuseFaliam Sterilization Pouches are not considered hazardous waste and can be disposed of in regular trash (40 CRF 261.24 tested using the TCLP, EPA Publication SW-846)
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    1 Box (200 Pieces)

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    Infection Control

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    Sterilization Pouches