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Omnichroma Flow - Blocker Syringe Refill (3g)

Omnichroma Flow - Blocker Syringe Refill (3g)

Faliam ID: 30282

  • Product Information

Product Information

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    Single-shade universal flowable composite that esthetically matches every tooth color with a single shade. Suitable for a wide range of indications beyond cavity lining and minor restorations.

    Unprecedented shade-matching.High polishability and stain resistance.Flexural and compressive strength suitable for a wide range of restorations.Low wear and abrasion.Low polymerization shrinkage. Use Omnichroma Blocker Flow in conjunction with Omnichroma Flow for extensive Class II and IV restorations or special cases that require masking stains.
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    1 Each (1 Pieces)

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

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