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Grandio Blocs, 5/Package A2, Low Translucency, Size 12

Grandio Blocs, 5/Package A2, Low Translucency, Size 12

Faliam ID: 30317

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Product Information

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    Grandio Bloc, the Resin Nano-Ceramic Hybrid CAD/CAM Block, has the most tooth-like physical properties and is indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and implant supported crowns. Grandio Blocs? formulation allows for precision milled, thin tapered edges (as low as 0.8 mm for crowns) without the concern for chipping or breakage. No firing required for trueOne-appointment dentistry 86% filler degree allows for an excellent wear resistance and long-term color stability Resin-based means firing is obsolete, saving time and Oney and makes the intraoral repair and characterization with resins easy Tooth-like elasticity and thermal expansion behavior enhances marginal integrity compared to ceramic/zirconia

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    1 Package (5 Pieces)

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    CAD/CAM Blocks & Accessories

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    CAD/CAM Blocks & Block Kits