GUM Red-Cote Tablets (248/Box)

Faliam ID: 27875

  • Product Information

Product Information

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    GUM Red-Cote disclosing agent has been developed to highlight dental plaque on the tooth surfaces and to demonstrate the areas where more thorough brushing and flossing are needed. GUM Red-Cote helps prevent plaque build-up, development of tooth decay, gum disease, and promotes oral health. It is a non-toxic vegetable dye with a pleasant cherry flavor.

    Features and Benefits

    Visualizes dental plaque buildupImproves toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning techniquesHelps children learn how to brush more effectivelyDemonstrates to adults those areas where dental plaque builds up
  • Quantity:

    1 Box (248 Pieces)

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    Preventive Products

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    Disclosing Solutions and Tablets