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Evaculine Pro-Tabs - End of Day Evacuation System Treatment

Evaculine Pro-Tabs - End of Day Evacuation System Treatment

Faliam ID: 25068

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Product Information

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    Use Evaculine Pro-Tabs to restore and maintain the flow and functionality of your evacuation system and drain. Our unique bio-enzymatic formulation helps keep your evacuation system running at full capacity. Aspirate one Pro-Tabs tablet at the end of each workday to help prevent backflow, costly downtime, and expensive service calls.

    Restore & Maintain Suction LinesSimple, Ready-to-use TabletsDigests Organic WasteContinues To Works When You Don’tAll NaturalNon-FoamingEliminates OdorsPlastic & Metal Safe

    Keep your gunk-busting line ecology alive by using Zymax between patients. Avoid flushing with other harsh acids or cleaners that will kill off your hidden microscopic gunk-busting warriors.

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    1 Package (26 Pieces)

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    Infection Control

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    Ultrasonic Solutions