Miscellaneous ET System Implants

ETIII SA - 4.0mm - Regular - 13.0mm - Non-mounted

ETIII SA - 4.0mm - Regular - 13.0mm - Non-mounted

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    ETIII Fixture 11° Morse Taper platform structure provides more stability against external loads  Minimize the bone loss by changing fixture platform

    Gingival suturing is much easier since the implant placement is at bone level 1.5° taper body allows immediate and early loading SA (Sand-blasted with alumina and Acid-etched).

    After blasting with 250 ~ 500 alumina, the surface is etched with Sulfuric acid and Hydrochloric acid

    100 Micro crates and 1~3 Micro-pits Narrow (Diameter 3.2mm)

    Optimized for narrow ridge

    Compatible with 'mini' platform components excluding cover screw, mount, and lab analog. For 3.2 fixture, the connection is 0.5mm shorter

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    1 Each of 1 Pieces

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    ET System Implants