Impression Material Vinyl Polysiloxane

Braval VPS Putty – 300 ml (2/Package)

Braval VPS Putty – 300 ml (2/Package)

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Product Information

  • Description:

    Braval VPS Impression Material provides good wetting characteristics, even in even in less-than-ideal dry field conditions, while ensuring high-end final impressions with minimal distortion and excellent dimensional stability. It is quality tested to ensure desired performance and physical characteristics, including work/set, thixotropy and slump.

    For use in 2-step (putty-wash) techniqueFast set: 1 minute work time and 3 minutes set timeRegular set: 2 minutes work time and 4 minutes set time
  • Quantity:

    1 Package of 2 Pieces

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    Impression Material

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    Vinyl Polysiloxane